we heart hallways….

April 25, 2009

we’ve got more new friends for ya, but this time they come in a pair. boy, oh boy! they sure are cute. talented hill kids fo’ sho that you need to know about….

get acquainted with hallways and read on you bitches!


1. your go to watering hole/food fest, the place you always end up and don’t mind at all.
cafe presse is like cheers (where everybody knows your name, duh duh da da da) to both of us.
2. your “alternative brand identity” prop. the one thing you must wear/use/do that makes you who you are. examples: red bandanna, backstreet boy sweatshirt, turntables.
lots of ridiculous accessories.
3. the show line-up f your dreams: who is it, where is it at and what would you be on? locally, it would be a mash-up of mad rad, michael vermillion, sunday night blackout and jesus in our living room. there would be dancing, salvation and tequila. or an all night jam session with our friends would suffice.
4. you’re hung-over, broke as fuck and have no clean laundry but it is _________ night so you are of course going out. Where ya going, you lush?
sad bastard mondays at havana. michael vermillion on turntables, good people drinking, dancing and shooting the shit.
5. a classic survey question. sum up your capitol hill in three words:
diverse artistic community -or- shit talking alcoholics Either way, we like it.
we prefer shit talking alcoholics….its just feels right.
check out their myspace here for more details about the duo and their music!

3 Responses to “we heart hallways….”

  1. dashark said

    very nice Hallways all day look out ghosts.

  2. mr206 said

    Hallways is fresh out the box, peep Sound mag may issue!

  3. Mr.Pants said

    You two special people…I’ll see you soon…BUY “GHOSTS” ITS THE SHIZNITTLEBOMB!!!

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