kexp hearts capitol hill

April 17, 2009

holy crap, happy capitol hill day!

celebrate your tax returns (or drown your uncle sam blues) with discounted duds, discounted dranks and all around free goodness because kexp is hookin us up.

that’s right. during last summer’s memebership drive, capitol hill arm wrestled ballard for kexp’s ‘hood to hood’ challenge and won (duh).  therefore we get the sweet delight of kexp embedded all over our trifecta.

the run down:

the stranger's map of kexp's capitol hill day

the stranger's map of kexp's capitol hill day

stumbling by vita this morning, i wish i had my camera on me… as the beads took stage and john in the morning took a breather.

as djs broadcast from the wee hours until 6 p.m., we’re a little shocked at how much more giving 15th seems to be (remedy teas is 50% off and smith is 20%). a 10% discount at redlight a’int sayin much, as those killer cowboy boots are now $7 cheaper…from $70. big whoop.

more importantly…where’s crossroads at? what about hot mama’s? what the fuck the egyptianwhy not a $3 movie? a big question mark lingers over why certain businesses aren’t participating, but that’s something to be explored later.

while we make some monies off the hill for the day, we want you to be our photographers. that’s right, head on over to any of the sites above and take some pics of the happenins. you post them in our new cap to the hill flickr group and we’ll put em up for all to see.


expect a follow-up post on the damage cap to the hill causes tomorrow…


One Response to “kexp hearts capitol hill”

  1. slarue said

    No other businesses were asked. I have a business on 12th and none of my neighbors were asked to participate

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