meet ian…

April 14, 2009

he is our new friend and thought we’d share. we’ll talk shit later.


here is the usual questionnaire he so kindly filled out…..

1. your go to watering hole/food fest, the place you always end up and don’t mind at all.
linda’s for any occasion, especially sunday brunch.

2. your “alternative brand identity” prop. the one thing you must wear/use/do that makes you who you are. examples: red bandana, backstreet boy sweatshirt, turntables.
i always have my bike.

3. the show line-up of your dreams: who is it, where is it at and what would you be on?
dystopia, his Hero is gone, tragedy, and spazz. it would probably be in some shitty house or warehouse somewhere. i would be on nothing.

4. you’re hung-over, broke as fuck and have no clean laundry but it is _________ night so you are of course going out. where ya going, you lush?
i only go out on the hill at night when i am not working and that is rare, but when i do i am at linda’s drinking for half price because i work for the company, then i tend to end up at some random place after i am drunk.

5. A classic survey question: sum up your capitol hill in three words.

ian chose not to answer the most important friggin’ question!!!  minus points dear friend but i guess we’ll let it slide.

see ya around.



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