the perfect day off…

March 24, 2009

as we all know, the capitol hill weekend starts sunday and pretty much lasts until those visitors roll up friday night. therefore,  i am planning a day o’ fun.

ya, you know….

messy-roomthanks to the party last night at the clubhouse, waking up was a little slow, but the morning news helped me edge into the day.

chs informed us that pizza fusion on 12th is closing. never tried it but it was probably legit. why couldn’t barrio close instead. as displeased as i am with the classy joint, barrio seems to have a pretty sweet little hh if you are down with $2 tecate and tacos: everyday from 10pm-midnight and sunday thru thursday 5-6:30pm. chs gave us all the dets on restaurant news. very helpful. 

the sun isn’t really out so i don’t feel compelled to get my ass outside. cable is too good and piecora’s is just a block away. more news from chs regarding the piecora’s ring leader here….politics and pizza?

but let’s get to the important stuff: the evening. 

tin-tablethe idea of dinner at the tin table with my ho-mance is getting me real excited. (note: HOMANCE: the unbreakable relationship between females, similar to a bromance.)

we’re stepping it up from bimbo’s due to the rank ass puke smell as of late and enjoying this new place. i can get fish tacos or i can class it up with wine and cheese-all for well under 10 buck-a-roos. hot damn!

the space is legit if you want to be somewhere that isn’t as grungy as everything else around here. century ballroom is next door so be prepared for the sound of clicking heels and big band classics. the tin table is not for every night but it serves its purpose. 

and after dinner….duh!
l_7ea1bd095cfc484dbef818c503fc2e8f8the hollyhood we’ve been waiting for! ANDY PRY is showing up to do his thang and i’m fucking stoked. plus the mayor of monday night is spinning, and of course we want to be there for that.
moe bar mondays are for drinking, hollyhood is for dancing, right? yes. 
ladies free, dollar beers and jello shots before 11pm.  we’re starting early and will be there all night long.
seriously-best day ever

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