toodles cobra!

February 25, 2009

king-cobra-sign-with-notas i wipe away the tears, i have only fond memories of the cobs

yes, it is true. king cobra’s last night open for business is this friday, my friends. 

word spread pretty fiercely through last night’s mardi gras crowd at cha cha. it was like a game of telephone, but without the whispering and horny twelve year olds. and of course as soon as i got home it was already up on the lineout

for shame. we knew this place was leaving us, but this is like a sudden slap in the face! where else will i watch obscure cult classic movies and drink hard cider on sunday afternoon?

perhaps even more frightening – what the hell is gonna go in it’s place? how about a bundle of pool tables for a non-douchey garage. lets bring the canterbury down to our turf and give those ‘past 15th-ers’ a sigh of relief. 


frankly, i’m a little pissed. the whole balance of the trifecta is gonna be thrown off. 

what a way to start a wednesday. 

One Response to “toodles cobra!”

  1. timothy said

    heyyyy… whats wrong with the garage? i like that place.

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