anchovies and olives is for douche bags

February 25, 2009

i know i use the word a lot, and being a college graduate you’d think i’d be able to find a more eloquent or descriptive word. but no, douche bag works just fine considering it is barely noon and i’m still burping vodka (thanks joe).  


as you might have guessed, my trusty roommate and i headed into the new restaurant for a fine beverage before hitting the normal places.

before i rant i must say i like how small it is and i like the view. but olives and anchovies can’t seem to shake the condo vibe. the space is so clean and sparse it feels like you’re in the apartment of a young professional who considers ikea ‘ghetto’. maybe that’s because you pretty much are considering the bullshit pearl apartments are opening right above the place. i felt like i was gonna break something. 

the drinks were good, not too strong and my grapefruit juice was majorly fresh.

but, the hefty tab of $17.50 for two drinks took our breath away and we were on our way after round 1-obviously. 

now i haven’t eaten the food, nor will i, but the menu is dominantly seafood with italian influences. cool, i guess but gnocchi with lobster and mint is a little beyond my pbr obsessed palate. 

but don’t take my word for it….read a real, live grown-up’s review here. he also provided the pic. SPANX!

8 Responses to “anchovies and olives is for douche bags”

  1. pete said

    An ex and I once went to Morton’s because of their free filet mignon sandwiches during happy hour. I picked up the tab after she had two martinis and I had two beers (can’t remember what kind) and I was floored to see the total was $44! The drinks and the ambiance were great, but not $11-per-drink-average great.

  2. Bill W. said

    This WAS the reality of the new Capitol Hill a few months ago. I went to one new place on the Hill that charged like $8 for a beer. With the economy like it is I wonder what things are like now.

  3. Bill W. said

    Are you sure it is for d-bags?
    What about ce-ho’s?

  4. jenny said

    As someone who has lived and worked on Capitol Hill for over a decade, I’m not surprised to find a douche bag like yourself blogging about it with perceived authority. Where do you live? Kirkland? Belltown? Only morons from areas like that refer to it as “Cap Hill”. You come for the cultural color and think you are equipped to write a blog because you paid $8 for a “good and majorly fresh cocktail”. Next time try your local bowling alley, you’ll be more at home.

  5. cupcake said

    hey jenny. you talking to me?

  6. pete said

    @jenny: I think it’s a prerequisite for writers of this blog to live here, so I’d be surprised if any of them lived on the east side. I live on Capitol Hill and I refer to it as cap hill often. Besides “the hill” that’s probably my preferred name to use with people I assume are familiar with Seattle’s neighborhoods.

    One of the themes of captothehill is “anti-Belltown-influence”; the writers here tend to dislike the trendy, upscale style stuff and prefer the trendy, dive-y type stuff. I don’t always agree with them and their use of hyperbole, but as a regular reader it’s one of the things I enjoy.

  7. pumpkin said

    i want to buy pete a big expensive beer and have him poor it on jenny.

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