February 24, 2009



so here is a secret, and it might be just a bad (and bad as in excellent) rumor,

but the sun is coming out and it’s time for a little goss to kick start spring.

after sauntering home highly buzzed post another sunday-funday, roommate ‘x’ summarizes in confidentiality to me:

a certain flower shop on 12th and madison will be losing it’s lease.

before whatever stupid condo can go up, a year must pass for permits and development and all that shiz.

so in the meantime, new owner of said property is in talks with a certain hillebrity **cough*marcus*cough** about recreating seattle’s most beloved and raunchy bar.


a small space, but whose judgin’?  not you.

this might take awhile – but hope is cool, right?   it’s so 2009.


4 Responses to “shhh!”

  1. Rheal said

    hell yeah!… if its good

  2. alex said

    They should open up where King Cobra is now

  3. jizzy said

    I just jizzed myself.

  4. josh said

    that could be rad.

    KC, too, but Pony really worked as a place known to be doomed. Wait, nevermind. The KC space is equally cursed.

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