a ‘little bit’ of lykke li at the showbox, ticket giveaway!

February 12, 2009

friday the 13th brings odd superstitions and a day of mixed luck. fortunately for you, we could give a fuck less about freaky teen wolfs and weak ’80s “slasher” flicks.

there’s a happenin downtown tomorrow night, friday, that is worthy of non-trifecta mention. now, now. keep your moanin and groanin down, it a’int that far and you know our parts be overrun with collared shirts and seven jeans come the weekend.

lykke li – the adorably stylish, cap hill-esque swede – will be rockin the the showbox at the market. in the event you have never heard of this little sensation, her debut album youth novels kicked some serious ass on numerous ‘best of 2008’ lists.


li’s wonderful pop hooks, and sugary, complicated melodies are a perfect cure for the winter doldrums – seattle subsonic

lykke was last here in october, rockin my face off with the friendly fires at neumo’s. this time around, the wildbirds and peacedrums will open.

while rumors of the show being sold out…

we have two free tickets to the show.

the first person to email captothehill@gmail.com with “lykke li” in the subject, or direct msg us on twitter will totes get the tix.

even if you don’t win…wind your hair into a bun, line them eyes and throw on your stompin boots with a cute little dress and fork over the cash to see this gal in action.

image: myspace


One Response to “a ‘little bit’ of lykke li at the showbox, ticket giveaway!”

  1. pumpkin said

    congrats katy.
    with fingertips the speed of lightenin, she snagged these tickets minutes after posting.

    see you there!

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