boom noodle needs you

February 4, 2009

boom-noodle-__-our-myboom-is-japanese-cuisinein the past, we may or may not have called boom noodle some names.

truth be told, we’re territorial over our ‘hood and rather unwelcoming to change (despite the rapid development that seems to be dominating 98102)

therefore, when the boom noodle new kid on the pike/12th ave. block joined our zone, we were skeptical. skeptical of it’s wrinkle-free, modern lines and fancy pants urban feel. while we tend to be more ruffled and well, grungy, we can appreciate the finer things.


which is why boom noodle must be acknowledged for not sucking. sure, we favor $4 bowls of pho over a pricier bowl of udon…but isn’t it nice having a place a corner joint that reflects the urban vibes, you know the ones that remind us we live in a citay? its a go-to place on our list of potential date spots, or a potential trough to take the parents (and their billfolds) when in town.

but aside from special occasions, it’s not a draw.

here’s the deal: i walk by this place on a daily basis, and your lovely faces aren’t the ones i see in the windows. yet, once i start asking around it seems you’ve boomed, i’ve boomed…even cupcake has boomed.

so whats the deal…what does boom need to do get for you to mosey in more often?

i, pumpkin think they (at the least) need a cheap happy hour.


10 Responses to “boom noodle needs you”

  1. jseattle said

    I think Boom is gonna be ok given the Blue Cs are regularly packed. You’re completely welcome but not bending over backward to think of ways to bring you in. My kid is plenty happy to have the edamame puree all to himself. it’s pretty gross watching him eat it. maybe that explains light crowd sometimes.

  2. meg said

    Call me cranky pants, but there is NOTHING that will make me set foot in boom noodle. In fact, I won’t touch it with a ten foot pole. Sometimes I cross the street just to avoid looking at the people who are dining inside.

  3. pumpkin said

    kids are scary, if they’re going to boom perhaps that’s why it’s hillster-free?

  4. cheesecake said

    I like boom noodle, just took my parents there last night. My one complaint though is that a lot of the food is just too bland. They need to get some more interesting menu options to match their upscale feel. They have some really good stuff, mostly the small plates (and the seafood curry udon), but overall I’d describe them as unimaginative, bland psuedo-asian. And yeah I definitely must agree that I avoid places that have too many kids and sometimes boom has too many damn kids!

  5. TJ said

    Happy hour for the win!

  6. grannypanties said

    i went to boom noodle once and won’t go back. my server was kind of a jerk, the water was room-temperature, and for being so expensive the ramen tasted not much different than the 25 cent variety.
    if i ever want my ramen fix, i’ll just go down to samurai noodle in the ID. it’s cheaper and a zillion times tastier.

  7. ay1ene said

    I love Boom Noodle. The soy-marinated egg is simple yet delicious. Don’t forget to tip your bartender well (hi Matt!) and try the amazing deserts that Erin makes for them.

  8. Samurai said

    How about REAL ramen – instead of that faked up stuff that sucks A$$?

    Or how about replacing the frozen okinomiyaki w/ something a little less ego waffle like??

    There is a REASON that the place isn’t packed – they’ve done it to themselves.

  9. meg said

    wow, ay1ene get paid much?

  10. piojin said

    dude. that place SUCKS. It screams of yuppie watering hole and, I’m sorry, but making something spicy doesn’t make it falavorable.

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