holy hell! a brand new addition!

February 2, 2009

with 2009 dancing by, pumpkin and i find ourselves struggling to keep this thang crackin’ all on our own. we’ve asked for help. and, to our great pleasure, help has arrived. we got a new man in tow-happy to provide more nipple pix then i could ever commit to-and he’s diving in head first. 

welcome chip. this is everyone.

everyone, this is chip.



get to know him: 




where’s your cheers? : MOE?
what’s your poison? : Grey Goose and seven, negra modelo, guinness

where’s your central perk? : i’m a stones throw away from bauhaus, but i usually save a buck or two and brew or steap at home

favorite barista/o? : any of the many doe eyed barista girls that will eventually break my heart.

who you jonesin to see live? : the roots, anything jack white and raphael saadiq.

you in a band? : nah. was for a hot minute back home. but the only time i touch my guitars now is for therapy.


gotta library card? : half priced books? barnes and noble?

you most recently read…? : don dillio’s body artist. 

be prepared for a man’s opinion on all things hill. we thought we needed a little testosterone to level the playing field. 



4 Responses to “holy hell! a brand new addition!”

  1. J-ROCK said

    aww ❤ totally know…

  2. timothy said

    we want chips nip shotz.

  3. chip said


    note to self: never wear that sweater again.

    better yet..

    take sweater to redlight and make a couple bucks on it. this to be done while trying not to fall in love with the one of the gorgeous girls that work there.

    then walk a couple steps across to dicks and use said cash for a burger. Because during my walk of shame this morning i realized i haven’t had one since november and forgot they don’t take visa.


    PS hey timothy. soon.

  4. Laura Svec said

    Tim You’re disgusting. Come to Denny’s with me.

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