cheers and jeers of a friggin’ cold ass day

January 26, 2009


loaner dogs: all the fun of a k9 friend for only a couple o’ hours. yay to furry cuddle buddies and no responsibility!


last night’s killer crowd at cha and even more killer show. FREE! SWEET!

walking down pike at night with your ipod on. never, ever gets old. 


not being able to afford another bleach job on my  ever growing black roots. UGH. 

the destiny’s child song ‘bills, bills, bills’ hitting too close to home. BLAH.

the heating bill on my coffee table waiting to be paid. who knew leaving your heater on 24/7 would break the bank? hey! it’s fucking cold. 


also a special cheers to the bomb ass art on the side of the building next door to value village. thanks to flickr user visualismphoto for the shot!

One Response to “cheers and jeers of a friggin’ cold ass day”

  1. ericatoelle said

    The bomb ass art was created by Nko and Nicemaster Nice.

    Here is a video from the Stranger about a mural they did in Georgetown:

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