who knew?!

January 21, 2009

a non-bar related activity? yes, i am capable of participating in those things too. 

if you find yourself sitting with a friend, bored as hell, then listen to my advice. truck yo ass down to the very end of broadway and shell out the steep price of 2 dollars to tour the seattle museum of the mysteries! ya, it needs an exclamation mark. 

museumrmok, so yes it is maybe the weirdest friggin’ thing i’ve done in a long time, and if it hadn’t been for my faithful sidekick i would have been creeped out. but we survived – and spent almost two hours in the tiny space. 

so the jist of the place is pretty simple. the museum is filled with displays of really weird washington phenomenons i had no idea about.  have you ever heard of mel’s hole in ellensburg? well apparently it is the deepest whole in the entire world and emits a black light. wtf, right? or how about the esp test you can take to see if you are psychic. i was not, but alas, it was interesting. museumroom22

and on some night when you are feeling really crazy, and in need to avoid the douchey saturday night crowds, get brave and do the haunted lock-in. SCARY, i know! every saturday night from 10pm to midnight they turn off the lights and lock you in the museum to do paranormal readings on the supposedly ghost infested building (the building the museum is in, connected to the deluxe bar and grill, was a speak easy during prohibition which i guess means it’s haunted). these people are serious. they even use emf field detectors.


they have a slew of events and tours you can take and participate in.  

worth a try kids. get crazy.


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