one wet hipster

January 16, 2009


though perhaps there have been a few non-fatal emotional plane crashes, nothing like this has happened to me. according to national blogger carles of hipster runoff, he hasn’t had the same luck. 

blogging out of nyc, he boarded a plane that then decided to plunge into the hudson river. so fucked up! 

not really a hill related news story, but significant indeed. poor little soaking wet carles. and just like any classic hipster, he listened to his ipod the whole way down-even if he was advised not to. such a rebel.


we’re real glad you made it, along with all those other peeps. damn.




2 Responses to “one wet hipster”

  1. Leslie said

    No fake re nightmare. Was just getting over fear of flying and now BIRDS (?!?!?!!!) can bring down a plane? Thank goodness they had the pilot they did.

  2. josh said

    pretty sure carles wasn’t on that flight.

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