cupcakes galore!

January 14, 2009

well hot damn! mom just filled me in on something real friggin’ exciting. i know you want more cupcake, but we’re talking real goodies here so prepare for caloric overload. YES!


rumor has it cupcake royale is opening up right in the heart of the trifecta. i mean, the crosstreets of my dreams, sugar and sprinkles?!

forget booze-i’m going with the cake. 

i know the place has had some grief about the quality of their product, but c’mon people….it’s a goddamn cupcake. these things are pretty much guaranteed yummy. and if your like me, and you live on ramen and rainier then a frosted cupcake is gonna be like the holy grail of my food pyramid. 

so look out for it. it be coming soon.

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