happy birthday CHS

January 12, 2009

big momma is turning 3! 


jesus! blogging for three long years. that’s a whole lotta screen time. 

the progression  of the ‘premiere’ capitol hill blog, chs, is pretty impressive. they started out tiny and now they’re HUGE. and by huge i mean, killer readership. 

though we dog them for being a little too family friendly, we read everyday. actually we don’t just read, we steal stories/ideas/news etc from them as often as we can. kinda like taking a twenty out of moms purse when she wasn’t looking. hope they don’t mind. 

regardless, chs has become a staple to the seattle online blog community and we’re happy to share this hill with ’em. 

alright, chs. we challenge you to come out tonight. i know its a work nite but we don’t care. it’s monday and it’s time to party.

do you accept?  you know where we’ll be

One Response to “happy birthday CHS”

  1. jseattle said

    Ahhhh, sucks that today was so busy that i’m just seeing this now. monday is my jock night where i get manly on a soccer field. sorry to miss the fun but i rarely veer from my family friendly schedule. you’ll like this part. i’m completely hopped up on painkillers right now. it’s sweet. can’t even feel my fat and puffy wrist. what a way to spend a bday, right? but who hasn’t spent a bday on drugs, typing with one hand.

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