good point….

January 2, 2009

the stranger’s music blog the line-out brings up a good point.



if you are cliche – like myself –  then you listen to the kings of leon. as hard as it is to admit, they’re fucking good. with that said, the stranger’s meg seling brings up a less romanticized perspective on their song “sex on fire”. apparently, in her opinion, the boys are talking about a little bitch called syphilis.

eww. but she brings up some valid points that are hard to dismiss.

its a shame when cute boys write songs about the std’s they’re passing on to the groupies of the world. i can think of a few hill studs that probably do the same. shameful!

check out exhibit a, b, c and d at the line-out and laugh. high five meg!

and thanks to joeytrimmer on flickr for the pic!

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