meet meg…

November 21, 2008

as i told you bitches before, we’re starting to call you out individually (via myspace of course) in order for all of us to get to know each other a little more.

we’re not asking for you to hold hands and sing kum-by-ya or anything, at least not yet, but these days there are a lot of you reading captothehill so we thought it would be nice to get to know ya’ll!

this is just gonna be so fun!

meg, doing her best to shovel in that red robin corporate mud pie, was our first random reader.

her answers are in bold. say hi…


1. Your go to watering hole/food fest, the place you always end up and don’t mind at all is:

Moe Bar! Unless it’s December and the Bus Stop is open now.

2. Your “alternative brand identity” prop. The one thing you must wear/use/do that makes you who you are:

This is really tough. My sewing machine? My dog?  After all, she is kind of a celebrity around here. In case you didn’t know, her name is Jackie Brown and I got her from a bum.

3. The show line-up of your dreams: who is it, where is it at and what would you be on?

hmmm… Cat Power, Neko Case, The Black Lips, and Les Savy Fav… I know, it’s all over the board. I will be holding a high life but it MUST be in a bottle. I guess the show would have to be at Neumo’s cause y’know, they call me a regular or something.

4. You’re hung-over, broke as fuck and have no clean laundry but it is FRIDAY night so you are of course going out. Where ya going, you lush?

The Crescent! Best place on weekends! douchebag-free! Pitchers of Busch for five bucks! You step into that place and it’s like an alternate universe.

5. A classic survey question. Sum up your Capitol Hill in three words.


meg-you really did us proud…we couldn’t agree with you more. thanks buttercup!

keep a look out on your inbox for your set of q&a.


7 Responses to “meet meg…”

  1. meg said

    you guys are so sweet for picking me first!

  2. pete said


    Awesome way to finish it.

  3. aarwenn said

    Hey, that’s exactly what I said about Cap Hill! It’s so true.

  4. coleslaw said

    see you at the bus stop, babe

  5. aarwenn said

    Also, I called y’all out recently on the Capitol Hill Seattle blog. I said, accurately, that you were way cooler than me and that you hung out at the Cha-Cha.

  6. meg said

    actually, I am so cool that I don’t hang out at the cha cha. that shit is so 2006.

  7. aarwenn said

    Dammit, you ARE cooler than me!

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