cupcake’s cheers and jeers of MEGA MONDAY

November 17, 2008

clearly, i am procrastinating accomplishing any real work.

you know, the kind that pays the bills-not just the bar tab.



dare i say brother? a new cyber obsession has arrived and we’re hoping we helped with the inspiration. say hello to our new best friend: capitol hillebrities!!! 

the mighty atlas clothing is/has moved. but fret not, because now they’re open right next door to the clubhouse. part of me is stoked. the other part of me is terrified. hap hour then one stop shopping = $$$. eek!

blogsgiving at grey gallery tonight! bloggers of all kind getting together to reveal their oh-so secret faces to one another. thanks to the chs dominator for the heads up! 



the ambiguous business in the building attached to havana on 10th and pike. is it real estate? is it insurance? i feel like i should know this. we all walk past it 50 times a day…lets kick ’em out and build a mini library or lauren max could buy it and set up a sweet studio. head shot anyone?

the price tags at the v.v. WTF. $10.99 for that piece of shit sweater? $50 for the stained chair. I would purchase a lot more if you could take it down a notch. thanks.

the guilty pleasure i can’t shake. britney’s back-even on the hill-and her new song is a little too catchy. embar, i know. hey tb-think you can give womanizer a spin tonight?! we would be oh-so happy.l_bc3814476e0c4b69825eee95fb0b0083 



One Response to “cupcake’s cheers and jeers of MEGA MONDAY”

  1. Doublejosh said

    Looks like I completely missed out on OUTSOURCED Monday. Color me bored.

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