violin stalker sundays

November 16, 2008

if you like the violin and have no shame, boy do i have an activity for you.

just south of bellevue/john is the chardonnay apartment building. here, on any given sunday, one can experience a personal concerto.


over the last few months, i’ve noticed that one of the lower-level chardonnay dwellers puts on quite the jam sesh on most sunday afternoons.

if i spoke violin, i’d grace you with all the rhymic verbage to describe why this guy is so fantastic. however, i do not.

therefore, the only thing i can recommend is that you check it out for yourself. i advocate leaving the lawn chairs at home and opting for a sunday stroll down bellevue (coincidentally walking by the lavender building incredibly slow and headphone-less).

remember, one must be coy in their approach, as the violinist has sidewalk-view. if caught gawking, we run the risk of him throwing up drapes, or worse…closing his windows.

i am completley complacent with my heightened level of stalker if that means free classical music. play on chardonnay violinist, i digs.

photo: all posters


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