so long pike’s bar & grill

November 13, 2008

dscn8777i, pumpkin, was wrong.

back in april, i forecasted spinasse to destitution. but it looks like pike’s bar & grill wins the race and has closed up shop…already.

apparently the excellent digs of the former 1200 bistro – which closed unexpectedly in late 2007 – seems to prove it’s not all about location, location, location…as pb&g was amid real estate gold on pike/12th and didn’t clear six months of business.

while certain yelp reviews raved excellent service and cuisine, i couldn’t grasp what exactly pb&g was shooting for. was it a bar? was it a restaurant?

gross lighting and steep prices (by hill standards) left distaste with us, as cupcake noted in here we go again.

what would you like on pike/12th?

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8 Responses to “so long pike’s bar & grill”

  1. jseattle said

    I’ve tried to reach the owners to get the scoop but no dice.

  2. pumpkin said

    kudos on the attempt. there has been very little coverage of this, anyone know the last day they were open?

  3. zeebleoop said

    i can’t say for certain; but the last 3 or 4 weekends when i walked by there it’s been dark.

  4. Lauren Max said

    spinasse is delicious, they’re not going anywhere!


  5. Lauren Max said

    …my friend served martha stewart at spinasses the other night which is hilarious to me. apparently she loved it too.

  6. cupcake said

    super duper tip! any more dets you should let us know!

  7. Andrea said

    I still miss Sammie Sue’s, which used to be there.

  8. SeattleBrad said

    I also thought their name (bar and grill) didn’t match the menu or the atmosphere or the prices. When I think of bar and grill, I think of the Six Arms menu… sandwiches and burgers.

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