go to pettirosso and have ya’self a slice of pumpkin pie

October 30, 2008

<a href=as mentioned in a post from earlier, the month of october brings many wonderful things, most of which surround my beloved alias: pumpkin.

from the colored of the leaves and fuzzy knits at the mecca, to the titillated taste buds from a pint or four of night owl at the bro watering hole and of course all sortsa pumpkin flavored bevvies, pies and all other cafe oriented sweet treats.

pumpkin is friggin everywhere!

but just as the seasons have changed, so have the vibes at cafe pettirosso.

that’s right,the formerly sorta snobby joint is surprisingly refreshing.on those days you just don’t wanna face the vita usuals, pettirosso provides cover just a half block away.

i could tell these sparkling faces were new; less jaded than previous grimaces, the only consistantly pleasant counterhelp was the older woman, who i assume is on the lease.

hells bells, i wasn’t even irritated when my americano was pipin cold. back to the counter i went, and the apologetic newbies quickly made me a new one with a smile.

a smile!

reasons you need to hightail it to pettirosso immediately:

  1. why wait until thanksgiving, they’re serving pumpkin pie everyday in october (sorry found out a bit late!)
  2. it’s conducive to conversation – the last few times i’ve ventured, it’s been music free.
  3. you feel 10x francier sipping from their dishware, srsly put on your frilly dress and listen to rosie thomas
  4. they’re food is the bee’s knees. for you slightly less frilly folks, bring your gal pals here and split a bagel with lox and a cuppa soup…yarm
  5. it’s the quinessential joint to read the sunday paper

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