photobooth tuesday: oct 14th style

October 14, 2008

you’re in the photobooth, lingering that last dollar while you try to figure out which poses to do. the fishy face? the kissy face? whadda about those shades…on? off? you once saw a dude do a 360 of his head…?

well behold, mista mista down here has captured perhaps the most uncreative photobooth pic you never thought of:

ok…ok…so you’re wondering what the hell, that’s no photobooth from the chachie (so i fondly call it)?! well, flickr’s cha cha seattle photobooth pool is running a little shallow, therefore the above is from the orig, cha cha l.a.

embrace your inner narcissist and send us a photobooth photo or four:

photo: ghostbarista


3 Responses to “photobooth tuesday: oct 14th style”

  1. josh said

    cha cha L.A. is NOT the original.

  2. pumpkin said

    ah crap, why did i think that was ok?

    i’ll er…edit next time *before* publication, sorry/thanks josh!

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