UPDATE: debates to the max

September 23, 2008

to follow up to a previous post asking you where the frick a lady (ha) could catch the showdown between The Big O and McSame, we got something for ya: the clubhouse is of course pulling through just like they always do..

moe bar will be showing the debates on october 7th and 15th for your political pleasure. perf. 

you can check out when/where the brawls take place officially here. unless pumpkin and i can arrange a little red, white and blue soiree of our own we’ll be chugging beers at every commercial break at the left end of the bar. 

p.s. the picture is pretty contrived, as well as contradictory to our last post but it made me snort/laugh so fuck it. 


One Response to “UPDATE: debates to the max”

  1. b said

    the met will play the debates too

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