September 17, 2008

are you living under a rock?

no? ok well then see you tomorrow you fucking scumbags…and by scumbags i mean lights of my life. 

maybe the biggest night of the next few weeks is here so we can all take a deep breath and relax…and by relax i mean do anything but. 

so…tomorrow you are gonna march that ass you got crammed into those purple jeans all the way to chop suey and boogie your little heart out. ok? i don’t think i should have to convince you of what a superb idea this is.

i mean, the boys in champagne are probs your buds already and mad rad whores out like a ugly slut on valentines day making both groups cap hill staples without even trying. 

since this is such a no brainer and i felt i might be criticized for the easiness of this post i thought i would add a little poetry for your wednesday afternoon. and by poetry i mean crappy rambling. ready?

’tis cassette.

the dawning of the weekend.

so beautiful the sound of twice named bands and rhyming fun.

a secret surprise-we bet we know. 


dream big of beats and beer.

and all your night life dreams, children of the hill, will come true. 


anyways-i’m drinking bailey’s now in my coffee so that was fun for me. i’m laughing all alone in my apt.

the show happens tomor-obv-and starts at 9pm. 21+ and 8 bucks unless you know a guy. get there and dance yo pants off!


One Response to “TGIT!”

  1. Joshua said

    Too much good stuff tomorrow!

    Its like fucking AM PM around here.

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