common market ticket giveaway

September 10, 2008

common market‘s got ink. you got ink. go up to the front row for free and compare which seattlite’s is tougher.

that’s right folks, it’s that time again when you can go to a show on us.

commemorate the resurrection of summer & cm’s cd release party, tomorrow, thursday (9/11) at the “tobacco road” show. if hip hop ain’t your thang, you may be lured in by thee emergency –who will make a guest appearance.

first person to send us ( a snapshot of them in front of pike place market (we’re punny!) will score 2 free tickets to the show.

details: neumo’s. sept. 11. 8 pm. all ages.

photo: cm’s myspace.

3 Responses to “common market ticket giveaway”

  1. Joshua said

    “a snapshot of them down at pike place market”

    A picture OF me at the market or a picture I took while at the market?

  2. pumpkin said

    sorry bud, fingers type faster than brain processes.

    picture of you in front of, at, around or in pike place market.

  3. Joshua said

    Damn. I make a point of not taking pictures of myself at the market like I make a point of not talking about the weather.

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