a job for a rider

August 26, 2008


so, if your still in search of that perfect minimum wage job up here check out zaw pizza. it’s coming to 15th and pine and is asking for boys and girls with bikes to come work for them.

yes, you will be delivering pizza but you won’t be stuck in your mom’s station wagon. sounds pretty sweet if you ask me.

 the place has some intense advertising both on craigies and in the stranger. you walk by the new place and there are “inticing” signs to get you to apply. i admit, this will probably be somewhat corporate i.e. bullshit you’re gonna have to roll your eyes at but it may also mean killer benefits that piecora’s just can’t give ya. 

so check it out. the pizza ain’t going to be no via tribs but we can’t all be perfect.


2 Responses to “a job for a rider”

  1. pete said

    Does anybody else feel like boycotting this place simply because of their stupid name? Whenver someone refers to pizza as “‘za” I want to sock them in the gut.

    And Piecora’s supports republicans? Fuck. I used to love that place…

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