kexp volunteer party tonight!

August 21, 2008

hot diggity damn, all those long hours as a kexp volunteer have paid off. tonight is the annual volunteer appreciation bash.

inviting only their (estimated) 600 volunteers + staff, kexp is packing into chop suey for an evenin of free foodies, goodies and of course, tunes.

insiders say man party is headlining, who will be equipped with their brand spankin new ep, the tiger game. ace, ronatron’s reviewer described these chaps from a show a few months ago,

Man Party are possibly the funniest band ever and their set was an absolute friggin’ disaster. Think Jack Black and Flight of the Conchords and Daft Punk all rolled into one.

what could be better?

urging volunteers to bring a mixed tape (err…cd), brady morella jokes, “throw together a mix of your favorite music with the intention of sending some lucky person’s eardrums into orbit! we will swap those mixes at the party.”

i find insurmountable pressure, what to choose? what to choose!!?

if you’re not a volunteer, you should be. you can do 5 hours a week/month/year and they love ya the same. sign up on the shiftboard so you can go to next year’s zesta fiesta.

photo: kexp

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