we fucked up

August 12, 2008

i wanted to cry myself to sleep after last friday when we went to the mad rad shit show at king cobra because we figgin’ lost our camera. now we know our pix aren’t anything to write home about but we look at it as pure documentation – nothing fancy. we’ll leave it up to resident hill photogs to do the good stuff but how heartbroken we were when after the night we had no eye candy to post! for shameeeee. 

the night was delish. the afterparty even better. i suppose we coulda skipped the cobra and just waited till 2 to see the boys do their thing in the living room but the double dose made it extra special. send us your pix of the night if you got ’em cause we got nothing.

this is all i got for ya….bad blogger.


One Response to “we fucked up”

  1. pete said

    Shit sucks. Does this mean no pictures from last Thursday?

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