anyone remember the globe?

August 2, 2008

a pretty lame vegan restaurant that occupied a small space right off 14th and pine for a minute. some loved it but every time i gave it a try i left feeling pretty empty about my life. lets face it: the globe was a dud.

long live greasy breakfast and half and half in my coffee.

anyways, cute name but nothing special. my point is that the space had been unoccupied for quite some time but now the mystery is growing. there is something new coming in there and i have yet to figure it out. my sources tell me it is going be another italian bistro-esque place similar to la spiga on 12th. lets hope its less boom “i iron my jeans” noodle and more this is home kitchen italian with a couple of candles. its just a short skip from my house and i would love, love, love to have a new restaurant to call home other than crave

keep a look out cause something yummy (fingers crossed) is on the way. 


2 Responses to “anyone remember the globe?”

  1. Katelyn said

    lol @ “boom ‘i iron my jeans’ noodle.” Exactly how it is!

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