grab a cider beer at moe

July 25, 2008

there’s a new kid in our parts, name’s spire mountain dark & dry apple cider.

she’s fruity, dark and yummy.

it’s worth noting that this summer addition is local, the olympia brewery uses our very own beloved washington apples. according to the fish brewing co.:

dark & dry’s assertive tartness is pleasingly balanced by a hint of molasses and brown sugar. more rounded and intricate than its sister ciders, this potion will appeal to beer aficionados, wine devotees, and cider enthusiasts alike.

always a cut above the grade and three steps ahead, geoff kaiser, aka the beer guy over at the p-i dug it:

i’m a beer guy, and there’s no doubt about it. i’ve tried a few ciders before, but they’ve all tasted sweet and cloying. But, after recently tasting the spire mountain dark & dry apple cider, i was amazed at how much i enjoyed it. the dark & dry is a beer and wine lover’s cider; it’s complex and doesn’t overwhelm you with sweetness.

two freakishly large thumbs up to the clubhouse, not only was i able to have a few rounds of this delicious bev, but was also to pay for my block party tickets on the same tab.

side note: the scottish bartender is not as funny as he thinks it is. it is a beer.

to his bar companion, thanks for the flatulence-fruit lesson, it was really appreciated.


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