sustain me, baby

July 17, 2008


alrighty, for all you who recycle your tall boy cans, and especially for those who don’t – listen up. 

this sunday it is time to remember this shit, i.e. the earth, ain’t gonna last forever. cap hill is having a little party all for the sake of keeping us, i.e. humans, around. 

Imagine Capitol Hill: a sustainability festival
E Thomas Street & 10th Avenue E
Next to the Broadway Farmer’s Market
Sunday, July 20, 2008, 11am – 4 pm
Free & open to the public

the event is geared towards those intrested in taking our beloved capitol hill into a place that promotes a more sustainable lifestyle…duh. i guess thats obvious.

things going on that might peak your interest include a free tea and coffee, a bike repair clinic, live music and demonstations on how to compost in an apartment….maybe?!

anyways, assuming sunday will be just as glorious as the last we better see you there! slurp up those mimosa’s at linda’s (or kurrent for that matter) and head over. sunday funday fo’ sho. 


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