graffiti wed

July 16, 2008

i see it, you see it – we make it, who makes it?

squids, butterflies, spring break tits, etc.

but let’s start smaller, shall we?

the man. the myth. the legend. pour one for uncle dave (whomever this stallion may be…)


5 Responses to “graffiti wed”

  1. John in Seattle said

    I would love to catch the prick who keeps spraying graffiti all over the hill. Fucking assholes(s). Who thinks this is fun and aesthetic and “artsy”. Its vandalism and it sucks. Its expensive to clean this up. This from someone who has my garage spray painted all the time here on 19th. Don’t post grafitti as cool its not.

  2. slaw said

    whoa – johno – we feel your pain. but this isn’t about making a statement (well perhaps a little satire) or endorsing the activity – just simple observation. and fyi: uncle dave is already no longer

  3. John in Seattle said

    Thanks for the update. Sorry I am cranky and I understand the youth of the hill want to have fun, but man the hipster mentality regarding what is “hip” drives me insane. You cannot tell me you enjoy drinking PBR..seriously. Have fun at the block party!!

    j in s

  4. cupcake said

    dearest john-
    you can knock graffiti.
    you can criticize the hypocritical antics of a hillster lifestyle.
    but you cannot, under any circumstance, talk shit about my p-b-mutha fuckin’-r.
    it is best in a bottle, great in a tall boy and always delish on tap.
    expand yo horizons cause the blue ribbon is king.

  5. Joseph Watkins said

    – Tecate is the new PBR.

    – Uncle Dave is a gift to Seattle. A city shouldn’t be too clean, fellah. Move to Canada.

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