welcome wagon greets first guest blogger

July 13, 2008

we got a new kid on the block and you can call him slaw for short.

a few weeks back we beckoned for guest bloggers and this lovely lad was on it. whether you have noticed or not,  coleslaw will be co-writing with us gals on cap to the hill for the foreseeable future.

as we gradually accrue contributors, we’ll introduce each in the form of a questionnaire.

see our newest blogger’s answers after the jump

it’s all about you, baby:
describe your style in 5 words. : post apocalyptic urban desert gay

: hedonistic. more. never enough. repeat
: smooth, bold with clean finish
: i am a recovering vegetarian, slightly dysmorphic and with a touch of alopecia.

spill the beans…any tattoos? : deux
who’s your hill crush? : thomas

where’s your cheers? : bus stop
what’s your poison? : whiskey ginger
got a hangover elixir you’d like to share? : kombucha + piecora’s + sex + bowl

where’s your central perk? : tully’ on 19th
what’s your poison? : i’m a chai soy latte asshole
favorite barista/o? : beth adams; faire

who you jonesin to see live? : cave singers, dandy warhols
favorite place on the hill to score jams? : stolen wifi
you in a band? : i’m with the band, no really

gotta library card? : sorta
favorite hill bookshop? : spine and crown
you most recently read…? : wraeththu

see his first post about slurpies: free stuff


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