safety report…but not really.

July 1, 2008

safety report, maybe it was outta boredom, maybe it was outta pure hatred for black skinny jeans and ironic mustaches, but someone bombed the shit outta the crowd at cha cha on sunday night.

no, no, not a bomb in the real sense but in more a orange zesty kinda cleaning supplies esque type of explosion. the details are sparce but after something exploded in the middle of the bar people went running. they closed the bar and sent people home.

some kids claimed mace. some kids claimed pepper spray. who knows what it was exactly but they all agreed it smelled like citrus.


who would do that? maybe a summer prank or maybe a perturbed patron who just thought the cha crew needed a night off.

thought you’d like to know.

photo: cbc news


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