no vivace for 2 months

June 30, 2008

i suppose i’m on the vivace beat, but i feel it necessary to emphasize that the main cafe on denny, not only will be closing up shop in t-minus 11 days, but will be closed for two months in the transition down to 530 broadway east due to the light-rail station that we’re all so thrilled about.

not only will this cafe bring a less charming view of cal anderson, but it will up the ante of richie rich condo folks.

as the baristo with the most terrific sideburns and relaxed demeanor from last night recommended, guess i’ll just have to frequent the sidewalk bar in the meantime.

i don’t know if i can do it…my mainstay cafe dollars may have to shift elsewhere in this two month draught.

if there’s ever a time for a new cafe to open between the trifecta and republican, let it be within the next few months. it’s bound to get high summer traffic, as vivace re-opens for the affluent folk in september. …just when we thought the cafe down by rei was off-track enough.

photo: christopher strumm


2 Responses to “no vivace for 2 months”

  1. xb said

    its like 3 blocks to the sidewalk bar… do the right thing and hoof it.

  2. danno said

    try the peoples republic of koffee. it’s just up on 12th next to lucky devil. best coffee in seattle. hands down.

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