more baristos go m.i.a.

June 24, 2008

i can stand for raising gas prices (since i don’t drive), i can stand frigid mornings and temperate evenings, however i cannot stand my monday staple being m.i.a.

to my demise, not just one, but both of my baristos were missing from vivace last night!

granted my productivity was triple what it normally is, as eye candy was not a distraction, however that’s my main draw. i’m not paying $3 for a latte that i could easily suffice for a clubhouse well drink + tip. it’s not enough that my favorite cafe is packing up for a goddamn metro, but now i just feel stood up.

dare we blame a new schedule?

perhaps cupcake and i simply take our cafe experiences as pseudo relationships, but c’mon…everyone needs their kicks. therefore i strongly recommend that although mr. rattail barista was quite kind, i want my one-two punch back! after all, the racy doodles on the vivace wall shouldn’t be my only draw.

oh yes: phantom sighting.



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