the week has cometh

June 23, 2008


the fact that i can see my breath makes it hard to believe, but it is indeed that time of the year again.

pride week is here, queer and in full force. yipee!

i love pride week. i love the gays. i love the outfits. i love the dykes on bikes. and i really love the rainbows-like really a lot. 


in other news, not directly related to the fact that pride week is here but kinda. i stopped in at the cuff last night to say hello to my gay hercules. i must say i was intrigued. it might have had something to do the fact that  i hadn’t even gotten through the door and i was receiving compliments. yes- they were from gay men but i’m a-ok with that. anywhere i can get a pina colada and talk about paul mitchell‘s fabulous three step hair conditioner can have my business. 

happy pride!


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