spl: free music + henna + boys

June 20, 2008

i, pumpkin am one thrifty skank.

therefore i really dig being in places that keep my wallet full and ready for happy hour at all times.

photo by intrigue139 at flickr

which is all the reason why i formerly hung around the seattle public library, to bulk up my itunes. granted, you may have to race the elderly and homeless for the good seats, however, today’s session of CD burning has proved positive.

not only did i score 18 new albums, (including 6 new johnny cash albums, cha!) but i also had a moment with a boy!

hot damn, the adorable classical music fan actually smiled. this rare breed mustn’t be alone, which has me officially convinced that meeting a lad at the library would be kinda cute. brings a nice change from bars, those damn beer goggles are dangerous.

need more than a passive aggressive cutie to drag you to the library? on june 24th, the capitol hill branch is hosting a henna event, from 3-4:30 p.m.

as for this girl, i’m off. i gotta go pillage the missed connections and i saw u sections of this passive-aggressive city.

photo: intrigue139 at flickr

2 Responses to “spl: free music + henna + boys”

  1. Katelyn said

    So are you posting an I Saw U (other than this one, I guess) or just hoping he posts an ad of his own? I’m really asking. I usually just hope the dude posts one of his own.

  2. pumpkin said

    i’d like to. he was cutes.

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