delays and long periods of silence

June 5, 2008

hey cool kids.

we know, few updates and even fewer posts as of late. truth be told, cupcake and i are running around like a coupla chickens with our heads cut off. perhaps our time to blog coincides with the kidnapping of our sun.

needless to say, bear with us and we’ll blog our asses off soon.

keep checking in!


3 Responses to “delays and long periods of silence”

  1. jseattle said

    pace yourselves!

  2. Joshua said

    You guys should come back.

  3. pumpkin said

    soon, very soon. we miss you as much as you hopefully miss us.

    i’m working up a few posts, just need more than 3 seconds of sleep first. a busy time! cupcake will be posting faster than you can say hipster.

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