Squatters for a night

May 30, 2008

no not pumpkin and i, not that we would be apposed, but two guys “traveling” all the way from florida.

the roomie and i were smoking a cig out of our first floor apartment when we started a conversation with the wanderers who were passing by at the wholesome hour of 2am. they had huge backpacks and strong stubble but were more articulate than either of us. i suppose after a few (many) beers that gives you credibility. they had been on the road “livin’ life” for a few months now and were just seeing where the road takes them.

now, if you have been reading us for while you are aware of pumpkin and i’s affection for anyone who flirts with a christopher mccandless lifestyle.

i felt like i had hit the jackpot: two strapping, young nomads who needed a place for the night. before you presume anything let me say we just wanted to help the brothers out.

so they came on in, slept on our couches, checked their myspaces and hit the road in the morning.

i admit, hindsight is 20/20 so when i woke up and reflected on our quick invitation i realize things could have gone horribly…but alas they did not.

moral of my story :

lets have a little faith in humanity and the people we meet. maybe use a little more cautiousness then we had, but if you let your guard down for a second and you may be surprised. 



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