everyone on the hill is in a band…

May 26, 2008

well folks, the legacy of hillebrities continues.

our frequent watering holes around capitol hill has wrought a whole new spectrum of networking.

it comes as little surprise when the chap you rub elbows with at happy hour says he’s in a band. after all, everyone and their gawddamn mom is in a band up here. however, it’s come to our attention that the following lads are slightly more together than your given garage band:

thomas wright, aka the meanest margarita-makin bartender at cha cha is also a guitarist for the grand archives. alongside thomas, drums curtis hall, aka dj curtis from hotel motel at havana.

do note: last post’s hillebrity, sera cahoone is one of the grand archives top friends. this is becoming increasingly smaller and smaller…

a bud tipped me off that a former guitarist for band of horses, who I’m assuming is chris early, pours next to thomas at cha cha.

the cha cha fella (chris early?) mentioned above is pictured as the bassist on the far right.

don’t yell at me if i’m wrong. my band of horses knowledge pre 2007 is hazy. if you know…feel free to help a clueless gal out.

4 Responses to “everyone on the hill is in a band…”

  1. joey said

    Now this is the kinda hill gossip I can get into!

    My BOH history isn’t too hot but I wonder if the cha cha dude, if it is in fact an ex band mate, is remorseful at all these days. To be safe I definitely won’t bring it up if he happens serves me up a nice cold brew.

  2. joey said

    Actually, come to think of it…a friend of mine (who is in a band!!) mentioned, while we were eating at Bimbos, something about a BOH dude working there. Not cha cha. But maybe he works both?

  3. pumpkin said

    i find the two to be interchangeable.

    we also mustn’t forget joe, another cha cha bartender (the one with the impossibly long dreads) is on tour with his metal band.

  4. cupcake said

    which is called the black book earth for all you fans.

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