the mecca’s on sale

May 22, 2008

as though the mecca isn’t a bargain as is…it’s on sale!

memorial day, may 26th shit is even cheaper.

that’s right folks…for all those paupers who couldn’t afford sasquatch (*cough*cough*) you can fill your closet for a fraction of what it would normally be.

also, i find it clinch to bring to your attn: value village has a website. wtf?

p.s. steer clear of the dress & little boy sections…i’m not afraid to hurt you for a bargain.


2 Responses to “the mecca’s on sale”

  1. jseattle said

    Good advice about VV sales. Have a good one!

  2. […] even though i went at 9 am and the place was bustlin and already seemed thoroughly picked-over. therefore it wasn’t the sale i hoped it would be. […]

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