cappy hill numbas

May 20, 2008

for the number lovin folks, here’s an interesting set of #s pulled from a census of 98122:

  • in 2000, 28,790 folks lived on the hill
  • 32.3 is the median age
  • 67% of us rent
  • 55% of us have completed college/grad school
  • 56% of us have never been married
  • 25% of us are married, but separated
  • 84% of us were born in the U.S.
  • 52% of us were born in a different state
  • 65% of us are employed
  • 22.7 minutes is how long we commute to work
  • $32,085 is the median income
  • the majority of us live in a place of 20+ units
  • the majority of us pay between $500-$749/mo for rent
  • 50% of us live in buildings built before 1940

all of these numbers are bound to fluxuate considering the census was conducted 8 years ago.


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