bauhaus displays jesse link

May 18, 2008

if you’ve been to bauhaus this month, you’ve likely seen the acrylic paintings of jesse link.

reminiscent of the urban outfitters shit, link’s stuff puts a refreshingly new, homey feel into the already comfy corner cafe.

as alyssa in wonderland describes it,

“french country meets asian, plus a little american farmhouse flavor.”

the paintings are pretty thrifty, ranging around $100.

we’re not sure how much longer the art will be up, therefore beat cheeks to pike/melrose and check it out for yourself.

link’s work will be featured at zero zero in june.

jesse link’s myspace.

One Response to “bauhaus displays jesse link”

  1. Jesse–

    Absolutely beautiful. Just love your work.

    Keep at it and produce tons like Piccaso
    and Van Gough (he painted 90 painting in the last 30 days of his life – what incredibly beautiful passion).

    Stay well and work.

    An artist myself

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