the cafe perk of capitol hill

May 11, 2008

as any cornish student will tell you, joe bar is easily the cafe perk of capitol hill.

the cemetary of condo construction likely deters most from venturing any further than than bros, however if this is true you’re missing captiol hill’s best kept secret on broadway/roy.

if you’re looking for a change in pace or are perhaps new to the neighborhood and looking for a cheers of a cafe, venture…it’s well worth it.

barista/os are nice, unsnobby and actually smile.

like victrola, joe bar’s walls are tastefull hung with local artist’s work (only those who don’t already have galleries).

between the distinct clientèle, the nice service and the damn scrumptious aromas filling the avocado-colored joint, joe bar is the place to spend your sunday afternoon.

however beware of two things: limited outlets and space.

pitch a tent if you score one, the gold mine loft seats upstairs are heavily sought after. therefore as you fill in 32-across you had best be using your peripheral on the very movements of that cute french fella upstairs because the second he packs up his macbook, you’d best be on it like white on rice. otherwise a couple standing in line is bound to send up a recruiter to reserve it.

sunny days expand the seating, as cutesy cafe tables welcome mom’s with strollers and 30-something couples that don’t wanna deal with the grime of pike/pine. expect to see the sunday times or an anthology of nietzsche.

adjacent to the harvard theater, this tiny cafe is the perfect place to fill up before that praised foreign film. joe bar serves coffee, crepes and booze.

two bodacious thumbs up to the pb&j crepe that comes with a glass of milk. or if you’re feeling more grown up, the spinach, roasted red peppers, bleu cheese crepe very well may blow your mind.


2 Responses to “the cafe perk of capitol hill”

  1. […] cap to the hill reveals a secret place…joe’s bar…to spend some time.   […]

  2. c said


    yeah, cafe seating is brutal.

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