free ciggys

May 8, 2008


lately there have been people giving away free cigarettes at different bars on the hill if you let them swipe you ID. so maybe that doesn’t sound like the bestttt idea in the world but after a few pitchers you might change your mind. hey, if it can save me some cash i am all in.

anybody have a bad story about this that could change my mind?



5 Responses to “free ciggys”

  1. Wesa said

    I did that about 5 years ago when I still smoked. I quit 3 1/2 years ago but I still get something almost weekly from Marlboro (I smoked Camels) in my mailbox. The amount of paper they waste trying to get me to smoke is obnoxious.

  2. cupcake said

    alrighty good to know. thanks brotha!

  3. Hill Epidemiologist said

    The bad story is that smoking can kill you.

  4. “The bad story is that smoking can kill you.”

    Not to mention that most respectable men find any cigarette-smoking woman to be a total turnoff…the act immediately knocks 30% of a girl’s hotness scale. Which – if we’re on the same page here – means that even a perfect lady would be a C- if she smoked.


  5. cupcake said

    wow. ok, i get it.

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